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Which is your ultimate classic car?

 Share your ultimate classic car!

Classic cars never lose their style and always turn heads wherever you go. In fact, nowadays many professionals advise investing your money into a classic car, as it will result in being more profitable, and is even seen as a better place to store your money than a bank!

 But, which is the ultimate classic car? I’m not sure it is even fair to just pick a single one, but here are a few!

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·   Jaguar E-type- This classic car oozes style and class. The E-type was released in 1961, and was straight away on the top of everyone’s Christmas list. Enzo Ferrari referred to it as, ‘’the most beautiful car ever made’’. Do you think he was right?

jag e type

 ·      Aston Martin DB5- In ‘’Skyfall’’ the latest Bond film, our favourite British spy goes back to the classic Aston Martin DB5. Who blames him, the DB5 is now seen as the most recognised cinematic bond car of all time.

aston martin db5

·   1969 Boss 429 Mustang- This classy car is certainly powerful. Especially as they had to change the body just to accommodate the freakishly large engine. It is also one of the most unique Mustangs ever made, due to its rarity, its engine and the fact that so much effort went into modifying the car to make the engine fit.·        

boss 429 mustang

-Porsche 356  Speedster- As few as 20 right hand drive Porsche 356 speedsters were produced. Imagine if you was one of them lucky people were driving in one of them. The car even comes complete with a rare hardtop.I love the look of this car!

porsche 356 speedster

·  Pontiac GTO- Arguably, this stands as one of the most beautiful muscle cars of all time! Due to it’s classic look, pleasing noise and of course the distinctive grille.This car is a statement classic car.

pontiac gto

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