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Which iconic movie car would you pick?

Most classic films include an iconic car, that becomes one of the stars of the show. However, which iconic car can you most see yourself driving in? Or maybe flying in…

Chitty Chitty Bang bang (1968)- What more do you want from a car. It looks classy, sophisticated and is even a magical car. It can fly, float on water and even has subtle emotions. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you!

Chitty chitty bang bang

Goldfinger Aston Martin (1963)-The 1963 Bond Aston Martin has been dubbed as ‘’the most famous car in the world.’’ It has become one of the most iconic cars in cinema, thanks to Oscar winning special effect expert John Stears.

goldfinger aston martin

Starsky and Hutch- (1975) Ford Gran Torino- Everyone can easily recognise this car, thanks to its distinctive paint job which gained the car its nickname; ‘’the stripped tomato.’’

Starsky and hutch

Dumb and Dumber-(1984) Ford Econoline- I’m unsure on how this car looks after a rainy day, but apparently all the ‘chicks’ love this van. Who blames them?


Ghostbusters- (1959) Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse-This may not be the coolest movie car, but it is definitely one of the most iconic. Besides, who you gonna call?


Grease- (1948) Ford Deluxe- customized by the T Birds-Who doesn’t love Grease? And especially the great scene where they customise the Ford with lightning bolts and the red paint job, why it’s Grease lightning!

grease red car still

The time travel machine, DeLorean- This car looks cool and you can travel back in time! Not forgetting the great futuristic look this iconic car has.



Wayne’s World- (1976) AMC Pacer- The coolest car ever. Well, not so much, but nice flames.

Waynes world

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