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What Kind of Tyres do you Really Need? [infographic]

Knowing which kind of tyre to put on your car can be a tricky decision to make. Are you a high mileage driver with a need for long-lasting, premium tyres? Or somebody who anticipates some inclement weather and needs winter tyres that offer great grip whatever the temperature outside? You may well fall into both of those categories at once! And regardless of type, this is a decision that a lot of us approach with a budget in mind. To help tackle this problem, we’ve put together a decision tree aimed at helping you find the perfect category of tyre whatever your situation. Just follow the decisions down the page and read about the tyre you’ve chosen underneath.


If you know of somebody who would benefit from this advice, please share freely! Alternatively, download our printable PDF version here.

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What Kind of Tyres do you Really Need?

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