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Understanding tyre wear

As we all know, you can purchase the same tyres for the same car and yet they can wear out quicker than the last time you purchased them. Why? There can be many reasons behind this, therefore understanding why and how tyres wear out can help you prevent premature wear and hopefully prolong your tyre life.

Factors which affect tyre wear:

-Vehicle performance- Engine characteristics such as power and torque

-Vehicle condition- Age and manufacturer

-Weather conditions

-Terrain that you usually drive on- hilly or flat roads

-Tyre inflation

-Tyre load

-Tyre quality

-Wheel alignment

 All these factors will contribute towards how fast your tyres wear out, however, the main factor is actually the driver. The way you drive does massively impact how quick the tyres wear out;

-Driving at very high speeds can cause the tyres to overheat and therefore degrade the rubber.

-Under inflation can cause the tyre to wear out quicker on the shoulder, it is recommended to check your tyre pressure weekly by manufacturers.

-Hard braking and excessive use of the accelerator.

-When towing or carrying heavy amounts the pressure should be altered on the tyres according to the vehicles manual book.

-Not purchasing the right spec tyre or a bad quality tyre

-If you have moved from the city to the country side or now drive on smaller, bendy roads, then you will notice a difference in the tread wear. This is because you will drive differently when turning corners or going over hilly roads than you would just driving straight down the motorway.

Many factors do influence the tread wear which are out of our hands, such as the weather, the roads and the general wear and tear from potholes and curbs. However, here are some handy tips to help prolong your tyre life;

-Check your tyre pressure weekly! Tyres are the most neglected part of the vehicle especially the tyre pressure, and it only takes 5 minutes to do this.

-Take notice of what roads you drive on, is there another route which is not as hilly or bendy?

-Be aware of your driving techniques. Such as do you hard brake often and excessively use the use of accelerator?

-Know your tyre spec that your vehicle requires. It is vital for safety that you purchase the right tyre size and speed and load rating.

-Be aware that generally premium tyres last longer than budget tyres.

-When the winter comes, change your tyres to winter tyres!

-Make it a weekly habit to check your tyres for any nails, punctures, bulges or any damages at all.

-Ensure your vehicle is correctly aligned. We offer free checks here at Click on tyres.

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