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Tyre Labelling

Tyre labelling, and all the jargon used by garages, can seem daunting and some of you may be wondering why tyres are even labelled? Here at Click on Tyres, we want to make sure that buying tyres is as easy and hassle free as possible, even if you don’t have a clue where to start! In this post we will be explaining the new tyre labelling system, that was brought into use in 2012, to make sure you know what to look for and what it all means when you are buying a tyre.

The goal of tyre labelling is to improve the safety as well as the economic and environmental efficiency of road transport by promoting fuel-efficient and safe tyres with low noise levels. Tyre labelling is there to help you pick the right tyre for your car, driving style and driving environment to maximise economy and safety.

Where will I find the information?

The new tyre labels are visible on all new tyres and are also visible on the manufacturer’s websites. You will also see them next to all the tyres on our site so you can view the details whilst browsing and making your choice. It will look like this:

EU Tyre Label

EU Tyre Label

What does it all mean?


Wet Grip

Wet Grip Tyre Label

Wet Grip Label


A tyre's wet grip rating

Wet Grip Rating

This label relates to the tyres ability to stop quickly on wet roads and is expressed in terms of stopping distance. An A rated tyre has the shortest stopping distance and an F rated tyre the longest stopping distance. The gap between A and G is 18 metres, which is a considerable distance, and could mean the difference between having a crash or staying safe in adverse conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

Tyre Fuel Efficiency

Tyre Fuel Efficiency

Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating

Tyre Fuel Efficiency Rating

As you can imagine Fuel efficiency is vital, as not only would it save you money but it also reduces your CO2 emissions. This is based on what is called rolling resistance, which is the force resisting the movement of the tyre along the surface. The lower this is the more fuel efficient the tyre will be. The difference between each category means a reduction/increase in fuel consumption of between 0.41 and 0.56 mpg.


Exterior Noise Grading

Exterior Noise Grading

This label represents the external noise made by the tyre and is measured in decibels, with 1 black bar being the quietest and 3 bars being the loudest. The lower the reading the more environmentally friendly the tyre is and the quieter it will be, so noise pollution is reduced. New EU regulations will be in place by 2016 regarding the noise levels of tyres so by ensuring you have a low rating you know the tyre is meeting these requirements.

Hopefully this has enlightened you on the labels you will see on our site and on all tyres you buy. These new labels will help you select the right tyre for your car and your driving needs. To quickly recap:

Wet Grip – Rated A-G, with A having the shortest stopping distances and G the longest

Fuel Efficiency – Rated A-G, with A being the most fuel efficient and G being the least efficient

Noise – rated in decibels and displayed as black bars on the label, with 1 bar being the quietest and 3 bars being the loudest

If you want to look at further information about this there’s plenty of documents here. There’s a link to questions and answers about the new tyre labels and also a useful fuel savings calculator so you can see what you could save with different types of tyres. There’s also some more detailed info about the labels on the site.

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