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Most eccentric cars

Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd, but how far would you go to be unique? We have handpicked some of the most eccentric cars of all time! Share with us if you have your own crazy car or just an eccentric car you wouldn’t mind driving @clickontyres.

1965 Peel P50- This three wheeled micro car as seen on Top gear, has no reverse gear and is viewed as the smallest car ever to be made. You actually have to physically push the car reverse it and it was advertised to have enough seating for; ‘’One adult and one shopping bag.’’ And clearly not a Jeremy Clarkson.


Tang Hua Chinese electric vehicles- A Chinese company called Tang Hua debuted this a trio of electric vehicles which were ideally to look like Dr Suess illustrations come to life. This car has a very cartoon look to it, and you would expect ten clowns to fall out of it at any time.


1957 Aurora- This car was arguably the first experimental safety car and many of the innovative ideas used in this model are used for everyday vehicles today, such as seatbelts. However, probably the most inventive idea has never been implemented on today’s vehicles, which is the ability for the chairs to swivel backwards at the sign of a collision. Sadly, it has also been cited as the single ugliest car.

1957 Aurora

Morgan AreoMax- Eccentric cars don’t have to be crazy cars that you wouldn’t imagine on the street. This Morgan with it’s extended ‘boat tail’ was only created as a ‘one-off’ but due to popularity more were created. It has an unusual and yet classy look which is probably why it is such a hit.

morgan Areomax

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