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Money saving tips on buying tyres


Take a look at our money saving tips when buying tyres

money saving tips

Always get a confirmed price on a tyre and ensure to ask if it includes the fitting, wheel balancing, valves and disposal of the tyre(s). You don’t want a nasty shock when paying at the end!

The internet is a great resource. If you feel like you don’t have a wide knowledge on tyres and are unsure on a brand you have been quoted, then do your research on it. There is plenty information out there. On our website we try to update our listings with important information on the tyre.

Consider your driving techniques. If you know you are likely to be doing a lot of mileage then consider buying a better quality tyre, something premium, as it will have longer tread wear and therefore will result in a longer tyre life.

Go to a garage that you trust. It’s important to have trust with whoever is working on your tyres, to ensure they don’t overcharge you.

If you are a female there is great website called FOXY Ladies Drivers Club, and you can search for the best garages using this. Garages have to jump through many hoops before becoming a member of FOXY Ladies so it is a really fair and accurate website to use. Click on tyres are proud to a member of FOXY Ladies.

-If you are buying online ensure you are actually buying the right tyre for what you need. You don’t want to be turned away from a garage when you are days away from an MOT for having the wrong tyre. You can find the size on the sidewall of the tyre or alternatively in the car’s manual handbook.

Once you have bought your tyres online or had them fitted at a garage, it is vital you then take good care of them! Take a look at our blogs all focused on taking care of your tyres:

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We are constantly updating our blog with information on top tips on looking after your tyres.


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