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Lower fuel costs through your tyres

An astonishing 20% of a car’s fuel consumption is influenced by the tyres, and with fuel costs constantly on the rise, we thought we would put together some great tips on saving fuel just through your tyres.

Tyres are not the only factor that contribute towards unnecessary fuel loss, other elements such as your driving technique, the weight you have in your vehicle and improper care of your car also contribute towards this. However, a surprising amount of fuel is lost just through tyres, and you don’t need to be a tyre expert to rectify this. Just follow our simple tips on saving fuel, and before you know it you will have more extra money for the nice things in life.

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Tyre pressure – This is very important when it comes to saving fuel through your tyres. As, under inflated tyres can drag and therefore decrease gas mileage by 3 percent more. It is very simple to check your tyres pressure using a tyre gauge or coming down to us and one of our tyre experts can check this for you.

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A shocking statistic shows that actually 50% of the tyres on the road are in fact under inflated, which means half of the people driving on the roads are chucking away money by not checking their tyre pressure on a regular basis.
Most people admit that they do not make a habit of checking their tyre pressure, however, all the main manufacturers advise to check the pressure once a week. You can find your tyres recommended pressure in your vehicle’s manual.
Keep in mind, it isn’t just under inflation that will cost you more, over inflation can put you at more of a risk of a blow-out which can be both dangerous and costly.
Green tyre market- Economically friendly tyres are becoming more and more popular, especially since the tyre labeling regulations came into force. Green tyres are not only good for the environment but are even good for your bank balance. Additionally, nowadays most premium tyre brands are using environmentally friendly tyre technology, so if you are seeking a green tyre there is a great range of choices out there.
Tyre label- If you require a tyre that isn’t classed as a ‘green tyre’ then at least take note of the tyre labeling; to have an idea of how much fuel it will use. The efficiency is rated from A-G, with A being the most fuel-efficient and G the least. This may not seem like a big difference, but in fact the A rated tyres could 7.5% over the G rated tyres, which when considering how much fuel is lost due to other factors, this is a large amount.


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Nitrogen tyre inflation- Many people may not have heard of this, as it has only recently become available to the general public, previously only being used in motorsports. However, it is a very affordable way of lowering down your fuel costs. What is it? To put simply, it is just nitrogen going into to your tyre rather than nitrogen and oxygen. This means that there is less oxygen and less water, theoretically the air should stay in the tyre for longer, meaning that your tyres should stay at the ideal pressure for longer. Going back to the first point made on tyre pressure, it can save you money by ensuring the tyres are at the ideal pressure and therefore, decreasing the rolling resistance.

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