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Join in the tyre safety awareness -Tips on tyre damage!

Tyre damage can sometimes be prevented if you have a wide knowledge on tyres and understand how to properly look after them. However, road hazards like potholes, glass and rocks are usually unavoidable. So there isn’t much you can do about it to prevent this kind of tyre damage, other than ensuring you check your tyres properly for bulges or cuts. On the other hand, there are some causes of tyre damage that you can prevent…

 Incorrect tyre pressure

Not many people realise just how important it is for your tyres to have the correct pressure. Tyres that are under or over inflated can affect the tyre life, driving comfort and the braking or ‘response’ time.Therefore, causing your tyre tread to wear out quicker, or if over inflated and you bang into a curb this can cause the damage to be more severe.  If you would like more information on how to find out the pressure of your tyres yourself then you can read our blog focused on tyre pressure here.

In extreme cases, having the incorrect tyre pressure can cause serious tyre damage. It can reduce the grip you have on the roads, making your vehicle less safe and even cause irregular wear.

Driving erratically

Driving at fast speeds will cause a higher risk of tyre damage than if you drive at a more sensible speed.

This is because, when you are driving fast the tyre has a greater build-up of heat, which can cause tyre damage. It can also cause the tread to wear quicker, so it is always wise to take into consideration your driving techniques and mileage when you are considering what quality of tyre to buy.

Correct tyre size and load

It is important that you choose the right size and speed/load rating for your tyre. You can find this information either in your car manual book that should have come with the car, or along the sidewall of your tyre. It will be written like 205 55 16 92y. For more information on what all that means just read our previous blog, explaining all the tyre jargon.

Statistics from a study show that it is actually more common for people to need their tyres changing due to damage, rather than tread wear (when the tyre naturally comes to the end of its life.) Despite this, many drivers admit to not checking their tyres regularly. As we here at Click on tyres are proud to be members of Tyre Safe, we urge all customers to check their tyres at least once a month.

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Join in the tyre safety awareness cause and share images of your tyres, especially if you are unsure if they are damaged  #tyresafety @clickontyres.

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