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How to prepare your car for a road trip!

Going on a road trip this summer? Want a smooth drive? Then why not take on board our handy tips on surviving a long road trip.

Be safe and check your Tyres Tyre checks are essential before a long road trip, last year between the popular holiday months, July and September, the Highway Agency reported 8700 incidents on the roads relating to tyres. All it takes is a few safety checks on your tyres to prevent a nasty accident or at best a huge inconvenience to your holiday trip.

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-Check the tyres for any bulges, cuts or punctures. If you notice this before you drive then it could save you a fortune. It is worth noting that not all damages to tyres are superficial, so if you know you have bumped into something or possibly ran over something that could puncture the tyre, it is worth going down to the garage for a check.

-Check the pressure. This is especially important when you are going on holiday and your vehicle is likely to contain more luggage. If your tyres are not at the ideal pressure then this could put you at more of a risk of a blowout, which is dangerous when driving at high speeds on the motorway. Checking your tyre pressure can either be a trip to the garage or something you can do yourself using a pressure gauge, you can do this by following our helpful guide on how to check your tyre pressure here.

-Tread carefully The legal limit of tread depth is 1.6mm, but this is considered as the absolute minimum. The tread on a tyre is important for giving your vehicle grip on the road, which of course is an important factor for long journeys. Many other tyre companies would also agree with us that this should be increased, and in fact you should really start thinking about getting new tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm.

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-All in the planning Nobody wants to be stuck on a motorway in the boiling heat. Planning your route can save you bags of time as your satellite navigation will find you the route with the least traffic. If you have young children on board it is also worth planning some car games and finding how far it is to the local services. If possible it is also a good idea to look at which is the most scenic route, this can make the journey much more enjoyable.

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-General car safety checks Before embarking on a long road journey it is worth checking the brake system on your vehicle and the battery connection is secure and clean. If this doesn’t make sense to you then it is always worth going down to your garage around a week before going on the road trip and just asking for a general check. Staying up to date with general services is not only important for long car journeys but it will also result in prolonging your car life.

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Make sure you stay safe this summer and prepare your car for a road trip! @clickontyres  @tyresafe.

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