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Top 5 Cars for First Time Drivers

Passing your driving test is an exciting time but it doesn’t mean you should jump into the next sports car you see. It can actually be quite scary the first time you drive alone (not just for you but for your family too!).

Choosing a nice, sensible car means that you can work with a budget and decide on something that already has great reviews and is known for being a good car to drive for a first-timer. There are some fantastic cars out there to choose from but it is important to compare the different features to see what suits you best.

We’ve created this infographic to show you what we think are the top 5 cars for first time buyers. We’ve looked at a number of different factors, including price, MPG, tax groups, insurance groups and more. So, here’s our top 5 cars for first time drivers!

First Time Car Buyers Guide

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