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Welcome to the First Car Guide

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Welcome to the Click on Tyres guide to Buying Your First Car!

Buying your first car is a big deal and it can be a hugely daunting experience, especially when you’re a first time driver.

With a whole host of things to consider and more often than not a limited budget to pay for it all with, it’s worth doing a bit of planning and looking at as many different possibilities as you can before you make a purchase. We don’t just want to save you money on tyres, we want to help save you money on all aspects of motoring.

You need to consider what car you are going to buy, whether it’s new or second hand, what insurance to go for, paying car tax, fuel costs, servicing and MOT’s and breakdown cover. That’s a pretty long list, right? So to help you plan and make the right choice we’ve put together a series of blogs that will cover all these and more in order to help you make the right choice for you.

After reading this series of posts you will be more knowledgeable and informed about the process of choosing your first car and will be able to pick the perfect first car for you. You’ll know the right questions to ask, the things to be wary of and, importantly, the things to avoid to make sure you get the best deal for you.

As well as our own expert knowledge from buying and selling, to dealerships and the public in the automotive industry, we will also be getting the insight from motoring enthusiasts, parents and industry experts to give you the best advice we can put together.

So have a look at the 4 posts below, make some notes, then dive into the world of car buying with confidence and find yourself a hidden treasure on the forecourt!

First car

What to Look For When Buying Your First Car?

In the 1st post we go through the most important things to consider when looking at cars and figuring out what is the best deal for you. There’s some handy tips on money saving and how to approach car dealers to make sure they don’t sting you for more of your hard earned money than is necessary.

Budgeting For a Car – The Costs

The 2nd post covers all the costs involved with buying and running a car all year round and give you advice on how best to budget for it and save a few pennies whilst you’re at it.

Tips for Buying a Second Hand Car

Many young drivers will be buying 2nd hand so this post goes over everything you need to consider before buying a 2nd hand car. We’ve even put together a handy checklist you can print off and take with you when you look at used cars.

10 Things Young Drivers Can Do To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Insurance can be an expensive affair for young drivers so we’ve put together our top 10 tips for helping to keep the price of insurance down.

Top 5 Cars for First Time Buyers

In the final post we offer you our opinions on the best new cars for young drivers to buy. We looked at all sorts of different factors such as costs, economy, insurance, tax, looks and drive before we put together our top 5 buys.

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