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A Guide To Picking The Right Tyres

Vehicle Tyre

Confused about picking the right tyre? Well we're here to help! Picking new tyres for your car can seem like a bit of a daunting prospect. There are so many brands, styles, sizes and variations that, unless you are a real car enthusiast, can make the whole process pretty confusing. Here at Click On Tyres we want to make the process as painless as possible and help you get the right tyre, at the r...

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10 Top Tips For Tyre Care

Deflated Damaged Tyre

10 Top Tips For Tyre Care   Buying new tyres can become and expensive affair, even with some of the great prices we have on our site! So, once you have your shiny new tyres, how can you look after them in order to maximise the use you get from them and ensure you stay as safe as possible on the roads? Well, we've put together 10 handy tips below to make sure you keep your tyres in great sha...

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Lower fuel costs through your tyres

An astonishing 20% of a car’s fuel consumption is influenced by the tyres, and with fuel costs constantly on the rise, we thought we would put together some great tips on saving fuel just through your tyres. Tyres are not the only factor that contribute towards unnecessary fuel loss, other elements such as your driving technique, the weight you have in your vehicle and improper care of your car...

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Understanding tyre wear

As we all know, you can purchase the same tyres for the same car and yet they can wear out quicker than the last time you purchased them. Why? There can be many reasons behind this, therefore understanding why and how tyres wear out can help you prevent premature wear and hopefully prolong your tyre life. Factors which affect tyre wear: -Vehicle performance- Engine characteristics such as power ...

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How to prepare your car for a road trip!

Going on a road trip this summer? Want a smooth drive? Then why not take on board our handy tips on surviving a long road trip. - Be safe and check your Tyres Tyre checks are essential before a long road trip, last year between the popular holiday months, July and September, the Highway Agency reported 8700 incidents on the roads relating to tyres. All it takes is a few safety checks on your tyre...

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Money saving tips on buying tyres

  Take a look at our money saving tips when buying tyres - Always get a confirmed price on a tyre and ensure to ask if it includes the fitting, wheel balancing, valves and disposal of the tyre(s). You don’t want a nasty shock when paying at the end! - The internet is a great resource. If you feel like you don’t have a wide knowledge on tyres and are unsure on a brand you have been qu...

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Understanding the EU tyre label..

Tyre Labelling Tyre labelling, and all the jargon used by garages, can seem daunting and some of you may be wondering why tyres are even labelled? Here at Click on Tyres, we want to make sure that buying tyres is as easy and hassle free as possible, even if you don’t have a clue where to start! In this post we will be explaining the new tyre labelling system, that was brought into use in 2012...

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Join in the tyre safety awareness -Tips on tyre damage!

Tyre damage can sometimes be prevented if you have a wide knowledge on tyres and understand how to properly look after them. However, road hazards like potholes, glass and rocks are usually unavoidable. So there isn’t much you can do about it to prevent this kind of tyre damage, other than ensuring you check your tyres properly for bulges or cuts. On the other hand, there are some causes of tyre...

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What Kind of Tyres do you Really Need? [infographic]

Knowing which kind of tyre to put on your car can be a tricky decision to make. Are you a high mileage driver with a need for long-lasting, premium tyres? Or somebody who anticipates some inclement weather and needs winter tyres that offer great grip whatever the temperature outside? You may well fall into both of those categories at once! And regardless of type, this is a decision that a lot of u...

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Top tyre tips

Some great tips on looking after your tyres When buying tyres we all want the same things; safety, a long tyre life and a great value for what we are buying! So here are some of our professional top tyre tips in getting the most out of your tyres. After all, they are the only part of the vehicle that touch’s the surface. Tyre pressure - Correct pressure is vital for your safety on the r...

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