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Bridgestone’s durable tyres clocking up the plaudits

Bridgestone has believes it has unearthed two of its most durable sets of tyres, after discovering a pair of motorists with a collective clock of 150,000 miles.

Both John Tuff, of Devon and Brian Wilde, of East Yorkshire, contacted the brand’s head office to celebrate the longevity of their tyres, which are still refusing to show signs of extensive wear. John, who drives a 2007 Mitsubishi Shogan, has recorded 75,000 miles on the D840LZ original equipment rear tyres, while his front tyres hit the 62,000 mile mark before being replaced recently.

Brian was also keen to reveal another success story on his 2010 Skoda Yeti, which is still handling well in Bridgestone Turanza ER300s. The fronts were eventually replaced at 44,000 miles while the rears are still going strong, having reached 68,000 miles since they were fitted as original equipment.

Bridgestone believe that both examples go a long way in measuring the true value of its tyres, which it believes are among the most durable in the industry.

John Tuff, who runs an equestrian centre in Little Hempston, said: “When I bought the car, I had no intention of measuring how many miles the tyres had done. It was only when I got the 50,000 miles that I thought I should check them.

“I tow horse boxes, trailers and travel for long meetings regularly. It is always in 4×4 mode, so to say I am impressed is an understatement.”

Brian Wilde, of Howden, was similarly struck with the Bridgestone brand and said he had never come across such durable tyres in 32 years of motoring.

He said: “When you think of the condition of a lot of the roads right now, it is even more significant to be driving on these tyres for so long.

“I can’t believe it if I’m honest. I certainly won’t be going back to any other brand. These tyres have represented the best value for money than anything else I’ve purchased.”

Bridgestone’s communications manager Andy Dingley said: “We are always encouraged when we hear of positive endorsements like this.

“We believe we provide some of the most durable tyres in the industry, which are ideal for hard working family cars, estates, people carriers and 4×4 vehicles.

“John and Brian’s vehicles fit into this category and we are reassured by their accounts.”

About Bridgestone

The largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products worldwide, Bridgestone leads the way in quality, technologically innovative goods and services and is a trusted brand that goes from strength to strength.

Established in 1931 in the small town of Kurume, Japan on the island of Kyushu by its founder Shojiro Ishibashi, today it is a multi billion pound business with 183 manufacturing plants, in 26 countries and a presence in over 150 markets worldwide.

Always seeking to be the best at what it does, Bridgestone is focused on its mission of “serving society with superior quality” through an enviable range of products that satisfy the needs of the customer and society as a whole.

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